Iced AeroPress Recipe 

Photo of an Aeropress preparing coffee. Iced AeroPress Recipe.

Have you ever tried cold brew coffee? Some love it, some don’t, but one thing that isn’t debated is that nobody enjoys the wait. And what if you forget to set it up?

Traditional cold-brew coffee takes hours to make, but the wait is over. Iced Aeropress coffee is the latest version of cold brew coffee and takes only a few minutes to make.

But it isn’t just cold brew coffee made quickly. It’s an improved method that produces chilled coffee with a better taste. Below you’ll find the best iced Aeropress recipe you need to try.

What is Aeropress Coffee?

Aeropress coffee is made using a piston brewer. The piston brewer is placed over the opening of a cup and filled with hot water and coffee grounds.

The piston brewer is slowly pressed down, like a syringe, and the coffee drips into the cup through a thin filter.

When making iced coffee with the AeroPress, large ice cubes are put in the cup for the coffee to pour over as it exits the Aeropress.

Because of the rate at which the coffee enters the cup and the size of the ice cubes, the coffee chills as soon as it touches the ice.

Since the coffee brews hot and chills as it enters the cup, the flavors come through better with an Aeropress than in a cold brew, which steeps in room-temperature water.

How to Make Aeropress Coffee: Step by Step

Ingredients Equipment


  • 20 g Medium/Fine Coffee Grounds
  • 200 g Filtered Water Filter
  • 200 g Large Ice Cubes Kettle


1. Prep

  • Measure the ingredients and make sure you are not missing any tools you need.
  • Pre-rinse your filter with warm water to eliminate the paper taste from the filter. Use two filters if you’re worried your coffee grounds are too fine for the filter.
  • Please filter in the cap and slightly insert the plunger into the Aeropress

2. Heat water in Kettle

Your water should be hot but not boiling. If it does boil, let it sit for a minute to cool before using it so your coffee does not taste burnt.

If you are using a thermometer, the temperature of the water should be between 175 and 200 degrees F.

3. Add Filter

Wet your filter/filters with warm water to prevent a paper taste in your coffee, place it/them in the Aeropress, and put the assembled Aeropress on top of your cup.

4. Add Coffee Grounds

Place the coffee grounds in the Aeropress chamber. If you adjust the amount of coffee grounds, don’t forget to adjust the amount of water you use for coffee blooming. It should be at least double the amount of coffee grounds.

5. Add water

First, add about 40g of water and let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds. Once 30 seconds is up, pour the remaining water into the Aeropress and stir for 5 seconds.

Steep – it will only take one minute to steep, and while the coffee is steeping, put your ice cubes in your cup.

6. Press

After the minute is up, press down slowly until you hear the air release. Pressing slowly so that your Aeropress doesn’t get jammed with the coffee grounds.

7. Indulge

The coffee cools as it exits the Aeropress and comes in contact with the ice. Drink it black, add your favorite creamer and a splash of your favorite coffee syrup, and indulge.

What’s Special About Iced Aeropress Coffee

  • It’s simple to make – It doesn’t take much time or effort to make iced Aeropress coffee. You need very little equipment and can enjoy the benefits of iced coffee while not compromising its taste.

It only takes a few minutes to complete the process from start to finish.

  • You can have it anywhere – Since the Aeropress is compact, you can take it wherever you go. It’s easy to find a heating source and a few cubes of ice, so you can have it when you travel.
  • It’s better than cold brew coffee – If you’d rather not speculate, try it yourself. You can’t develop the full flavor profile of coffee without heating it. Cold brew may steep for hours, but lack of heat prevents flavor development.
  • It produces fantastic flavors – Some people complain that cold brew coffee doesn’t extract flavors well enough, but since iced Aeropress coffee is brewed with hot water, the flavors come through beautifully.
  • It’s balanced – In addition to fantastic flavors, you will find that iced Aeropress coffee is perfectly balanced. It has an even balance of acidity and sweetness, so you get a crisp cup of coffee every time.

Drink up!

When you try your first Iced Aeropress coffee, you might just be converted.

Getting more flavor out of a 3-minute process than you get from the 24-hour process it takes to make cold brew coffee is impressive. Who wouldn’t at least be tempted?

Iced Aeropress Coffee isn’t as well known as other brewing methods, but the benefits are clear. Try out this recipe and see if you agree.

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