Can you froth oat milk

Can you froth oat milk?

The benefits of plant-based milk are numerous. But can you froth oat milk? If you want to enjoy frothed milk, look at everything you should know about frothing oat milk below! You can froth oat

Can You Put Buttermilk in Coffee

Can You Put Buttermilk in Coffee?

You might consider adding buttermilk to coffee when you have nothing else in your fridge. But can you put buttermilk in coffee? Here’s the deal. Buckle up; it’s a pretty intense ride when you start

What is Nitrogen Infused Coffee

What is Nitrogen Infused Coffee? (Explained)

Are you curious about the growing trend of nitrogen-infused coffee? What even is it? Take a look at what is nitrogen infused coffee and everything else you need to know about this unique kind of

Is blonde espresso stronger

Is blonde espresso stronger?

Curious how a blonde espresso will stack up compared to a classic darker roast? Here are the essential must-know details. Comparing blonde espresso directly to the more popular dark roast espresso will have some noticeable

Can You Put Hot Coffee In a Glass

Can You Put Hot Coffee In Glass?

Whether you’re shopping for a gift for someone or want to know if you can put hot coffee in glass, this is your go-to hub for all of the facts! You can safely put hot

How Much Creamer To Put In Coffee

How Much Creamer To Put In Coffee?

Is there such a thing as having too much creamer in your coffee? The answer to this burning question is waiting for you below! How much creamer to put in coffee is a personal choice,

Breve vs Latte

Breve vs Latte – What to know?

You’re in good company if you find yourself confused when trying to discover the difference between a Breve vs Latte. Here’s what you need to know about the main differences between them. If you order

Gifts for coffee lovers under $20

Gifts for coffee lovers under $20

It isn’t difficult to search for and find a long list of gifts for coffee lovers. Do a quick search, and you’ll find gifts from coffee makers to coffee mugs and everything in between. So,

espresso machines under $300

11 Best espresso machines under $300

A study on the retail sales of espresso machines shows that more than two million espresso machines were sold in the United States in 2019. Espresso has become a staple in the United States. The market for

Nitro cold brew vs cold brew

Nitro cold brew vs cold brew (Explained)

If you want to know about your favorite cold drinks, consider this your guide for understanding the subtle differences between nitro cold brew vs cold brew. There are only a few differences between a nitro

Can You Grind Coffee Beans In a Ninja

Can You Grind Coffee Beans In a Ninja Blender?

Freshly-ground coffee will only be as effective as the grinder you use to make it. But can you grind coffee beans in a Ninja blender? Here’s what you need to know! A ninja blender is

Why does my coffee taste watery

Why does my coffee taste watery?

There’s nothing worse than taking a sip of your coffee only to find that it’s watery and not what you expected. But why? Take a look to learn how to fix this for good the

Iced latte vs iced coffee

Iced latte vs iced coffee

Having a hard time choosing between an iced latte vs iced coffee because you aren’t sure what their differences are? Consider this your go-to guide! While they are both delicious, there are some notable differences

Cold Brew vs Espresso

Cold Brew vs Espresso

Other than the temperature, what differentiates a cold brew from an espresso? It turns out that these drinks are very different from one detail to the next. There are many differences between a cold brew

Cortado vs Flat White

Cortado vs Flat White (Which Is Better?)

Before you order, take the time to learn the true differences between cortado vs flat white so that you can order just the perfect drink for your deserving tastebuds. Visually, these drinks will look very

Are Cappuccinos Sweet

Are Cappuccinos Sweet?

Whether you are or aren’t looking for a sweet coffee, you want to know your best choices. Are cappuccinos sweet? Let’s look at how they rank in their sweetness. To most experienced coffee drinkers, a

Are lattes hot or cold

Are lattes hot or cold?

The difference between ordering a cold or a hot drink is huge in flavor and overall enjoyment. But are lattes hot or cold? Learn below what you need to know about cold and hot lattes!

What dissolves coffee grounds

What dissolves coffee grounds? (4 ways plus alternatives)

Coffee is the best thing ever…unless it clogs your sink drain or, worse, your coffee maker. What dissolves coffee grounds? Read on to find out! There are a few ways to dissolve coffee grounds. Your best

Vietnamese coffee vs Thai coffee

Vietnamese coffee vs Thai coffee

Vietnamese and Thai coffee is the same thing, right? Wrong, actually. They’re very different, and understanding what you’re ordering will help you get what you expect! Take a look at the key differences between Vietnamese

How to make coffee in the microwave

How to make coffee in the microwave?

Whether your coffee maker is on the fritz or you are traveling with no coffee maker in sight, you can easily get your caffeine fix with a microwave. Here’s how to make coffee in the

Cold Brew VS Americano

Cold Brew VS Americano (Key Differences)

If you are like me, you love iced coffee. There is nothing like a great cold brew or Americano coffee for a delightful mid-day pick-me-up. Although cold brew and Americano coffees are similar, some key

Best Mexican coffee brands

11 Best Mexican coffee brands

Mexico has a rich history of culture and tradition. There you can find a variety of food, tequila, and colorful festivals celebrating Mexican culture! But did you know that Mexican coffee is also part of their tradition?

Espresso cup sizes.

Get to know the different espresso cup sizes

An espresso is just a tiny little coffee, right? Sort of. There is more than one size of espresso cup! Confused? Read on! In the world of espresso, there are four main espresso cup sizes

Best Brazilian coffee brands

8 Best Brazilian coffee brands

Brazil is the number one coffee producer in the world. A study done in 2018 showed that Brazil produces 40% of the world’s coffee is double the amount of coffee of its competitor, Vietnam. Brazil has been